The founder of SmartCitiesNow, Charlie Szoradi, has decades of experience relative to urban revitalization and sustainability, since completing his Masters of Architiecture Thesis at the University of Pennsylvania in 1993. Charlie Szoradi has worked around the world, and he has been profiled by hundreds of print, radio, television and online media platforms.

You can learn more about Charlie’s background and his three decades of work in Sustainable Design here: About Charlie Szoradi

Here are just some samples of the media coverage:

Magazine Cover Feature: “Disinfection in COVID-19 Year 2”


In the 65 page publication, the feature is a four page profile on pages 50-54. The full publication is here:

The Mann Report is one of the most highly read and influential real estate magazines in the US.

Magazine Cover Story:

Spearheading the Energy Optimization Game

This Op-Ed was written by former Alabama state senator Gerald Dial and Charlie Szoradi:

Going green, environmentally and financially

If Charles Szoradi could figure out how to power a car or even a light bulb with his caffeine-free personal pep reservoir, he just might achieve his goal of ending America’s energy-hogging ways. Read Article

Op-Ed: Key to US Economic Revival

Learn how US manufacturing can help bring US Economic Revival. This Op-Ed was published by the Philadelphia Inquirer on July 07, 2014 Author: Charlie Szoradi. Read Op-Ed

CEO File: Charlie Szoradi | Independence LED Lighting LLC. Read CEO Profile

Learn from Looking book, “Great insights and incredible drawings!” Bill Slover – Real Estate Developer and Commissioner of the District of Columbia Housing Authority 

Learn from Looking Audible customer reviews:

Mission Story Slam: 

Purge Virus

Disinfect indoor air with UV light, bipolar ionization – Hotel Business To Go

Energy Intelligence Center

Game Changer AI for Commercial AC Debuts –

Independence LED Lighting

Envista, Independence LED Partner on Indoor Aquaponics System |

Why Independence LED Moved Manufacturing Back to the US | Industry Week

Positran Manufacturing in Norristown hosts legislators, Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance

Presidential candidates should look up at the lights and launch a War on Energy Waste | LEDs Magazine

Made in America’ makes sense, business leaders say

Domino’s in NJ sets world record for LED lighting efficiency.

Largest LED-Tube Retrofit in U.S. Completed in New York City | Architect Magazine



Going Green for Less |

Music Legend Bob Weir Joins Leilani Münter And GREENandSAVE At DAYTONA

Small Acts, Big Rewards:

The Most Energy Efficient Home and the Architect Who Designed It:

The Color of Cash: For Eco-Entrepreneur Charlie Szoradi, ‘Going Green’ Means Saving Money – Keystone Edge – What’s Next & Best in Pennsylvania – Growth, Innovation, and Community News

Inventors Digest – Magazine Cover Story: The ‘GREEN’ House Effect

March 2008 Volume 24 Issue 3


Art Plus Digital Media Equals Urban Renewal,make%20them%20attractive%20to%20business

Urban Renewal dating back to the mid 1990s

This documentary profiles three urban pioneers – Charlie Szoradi, Kate Bartoldus, and Steve Stormer. Collectively, they undertake the inspiring transformation of an old run-down Philadelphia church and the adjacent buildings into an arts collaborative. The Hut Documentary is 23 minutes long and won the Black Maria Film Festival Directors Choice Award in 1996. As a young architect, Charlie speaks about his vision to transform the remnants of a disposable society into a meaningful way to improve the lives of his partners, the other artists in the film, and also the extended community.